Arbitrary Album of the Month

I rarely keep up to date with most recent album releases, and sometimes I’ll discover albums that were released many years ago but are brand new to me. While it’s one thing to discover new songs or artists, there’s something especially fantastic about full albums that work as whole units, and can be listened to all the way through over and over again.

So with the plucky gusto with which I approach most of my music choices, every month I’ll pick an album to be featured with a very short review and a link to a place where you can buy it on the internet or take a listen for yourself (if possible). There may or may not be a relationship between the Arbitrary Album of the Month and what I’m playing on Particles and Waves; I’m rarely that good at planning ahead.

Arbitrary Album of the Month Archives:

October: Gold Motel – Summer House 

November: The Zolas – Ancient Mars