Jun 27, 2015

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Track List – June 27

Tegan and Sara – I Was a Fool (Heartthrob)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrelige (Mosquito)

Suzanne Nuttall – Trophy Wife (Trophy Wife)

Ghosttwin – Mystic Sabbath (Here We Are In the Night)

White Rabbits – Heavy Metal (Milk Famous)

Data Romance – Others (Other)

James Taylor – Something in the Way She Moves (Greatest Hits)

Ash & Bloom – Let the Storm Come (Ash & Bloom)

The Weepies – Learning to Fly (Sirens)

Justin Brave – Brand New Paint (Heartbeats)

Grounders – Vyvanse (Grounders)

Minotaurs – Split the Atom (New Believers)

Library Voices – Party Like it’s 2012 (Summer of Lust)

K-OS – Crabbuckit (Joyful Rebellion)

Cheerleader – Sunshine of Your Youth (Sunshine of Your Youth)

Jonsi – Sticks and Stone (How to Train Your Dragon OST)

David Gray – Be Mine (A New Day at Midnight)

Monophonics – Falling Apart (Sound of Sinning)

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Jun 20, 2015

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Track List – June 20

Passion Pit – Lifted Up [1985] (Kindred)

Hey Ocean! – Big Blue Wave (Is)

Dragonette – Let it Go (Bodyparts)

The Starks – Morning Sky (Earth and the Ego)

Monophonics – Hanging On (Sound of Sinning)

The Dears – Blood (Degeneration Street)

Blanche Blanche Blanche – Crowd Noise (Breaking Mirrors)

Towers and Trees – West Coast (West Coast)

Mike Edel – Blue Above the Green (India, Seattle)

Elliott Smith – A Fond Farewell (From A Basement On a Hill)

Tim Chaisson – Bad On Me (Lost in Light)G

Fortunate Ones – Lay Me Down (The Bliss)

24th Street Wailers – Where Evil Grows (Where Evil Grows)

Portugal. The Man – Smile (Evil Friends)

Blur – Tender (13)

George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You (Cloud Nine)

Gogol Bordello – Wonderlust King (Super Taranta!)

Kathryn Calder – Take a Little Time (Kathryn Calder)

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Jun 13, 2015

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Track List – June 13

Jets Overhead – Sun Sun Sun (Jets Overhead EP)

The Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You (i)

Reuben and the Dark – Rolling Stone (Funeral Sky)

Sarah Burton – True (Make Your Own Bed)

Gabrielle Papillon – Kentucky in the Dark (The Tempest of Old)

Kathryn Calder – Arm in Arm (Kathryn Calder)

Sloan – Carried Away (Commonwealth)

Electricity for Everybody! – Mid-Atlantic (Local Technique)

Taylor Knox – My Backyard (Lines)

Wet Secrets – Maybe We’ll Make a Plan (Free Candy)

Chersea – Grey Matter (Grey Matter EP)

Braids – Sore Eyes (Deep in the Iris)

Purity Ring – Flood on the Floor (Another Eternity)

Blue Scholars – North By Northwest (Bayani Redux)

The Uncluded – Delicate Cycle (Hokey Fright)

Good for Grapes – A Worthier Man (Man on the Page)

The Starks – Superglue (The Earth and the Ego)

Go Betty Go – By Your Side (Reboot)

Mother Mother – Very Good Bad Thing (Very Good Bad Thing)

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Jun 6, 2015

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Track List – June 6

Bear McReary – All Along the Watchtower (Battlestar Galactica S3)

Cheerleader – Sunshine of Your Youth (Sunshine of Your Youth)

Semisonic – F.N.T. (The Great Divide)

Wet Secrets – Sunshine (Free Candy)

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – Massachusetts Avenue (Theatre is Evil)

Scouting for Girls – James Bond (Scouting for Girls)

Daniel Bellefeuille – Yesterday Floods (Hello River)

Stars – Division (Take Me to the Riot – Single)

Kathryn Calder – Blue Skies (Kathryn Calder)

Mother Mother – Reaper Man (Very Good Bad Thing)

The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again (Rank)

The Beatles – Got To Get You Into My Life (Revolver)

The Wombats – Your Body is a Weapon (Glitterbug)

The Starks – The Earth and the Ego (The Earth and the Ego)

Monophonics – Sound of Sinning (Sound of Sinning)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast – Where Do We Go From Here? (Once More With Feeling)

West My Friend – The Cat Lady Song (When the Ink Dries)

Grace Hrabi – Charade (Afraid of Heights)

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May 30, 2015

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Track List – May 30

Allison Brown – Boxcars (Secret Identity)

Rosewater – Violet (Shotgun Wedding)

Kate Rogers Band – Repeat Repeat (Repeat Repeat)

Foggy Hogtown Boys – Harlem River Blues (Animals, Insects, and People)

Timothy Jaromir – Don’t You Honey Me (Pacific Gold)

The Black Keys – When The Lights Go Out (Rubber Factory)

Monophonics – La La La Love Me (Sound of Sinning)

Dandy Warhols – All the Money or the Simple Life Honey (Odditorium)

C&C Surf Factory – Dirty Skirty (Garbage City)

Kathryn Calder – Arm in Arm (Kathryn Calder)

For Esme – I Found a Place (For Esme)

Aimee Mann – That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart (The Forgotten Arm)

The Elwins – Show Me How to Move (Play for Keeps)

Beth Moore – OK OK (Five Out of Ten)

Air Traffic Controller – You Know Me (Nordo)

Braids – Letting Go (Deep in the Iris)

Final Fantasy – The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead (Has A Good Home)

Sam Cooke – Twistin’ The Night Away (Portrait of a Legend)

Sandra Kolstad – My Yellow Heart (Zero Gravity State of Mind)

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