Mar 5, 2014

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CFUV Fundrive is Coming


Fantabulous listeners! Thanks to all who donated ahead of time. Today’s show will be a little different, with a lot of discussion on why Fundrive is important and the great stuff you can win if you donate. You can call in during the show (you may even get me on the line!), or any time during Fundrive this week, to donate on behalf of Particles and Waves.

Everyone who donated already, or donates during today’s show will be thanked on air, and local donors have a chance to grab some sweet prizes. Thank you to EVERYONE, whether you’re just an occasional listener or a regular fan; it’s an absolute honor to know there’s someone listening. Β  -Mia

Hey, listeners. Let’s chat for a second.

Sure, Mia. What’s up?
For about five months now, I’ve been able to hang around each Saturday, play new and wonderful music, and interview some of the insanely talented people who make that music. I have come out of the studio each week with a big smile on my face, almost without exception, because doing radio makes me stupidly happy. And every time someone says hi on Twitter or calls in to the studio during the broadcast, I get Sally-Field-level giddy that people are actually listening. I’ve been able to play the original Star Wars soundtrack on vinyl and share songs from little-known artists who deserve all the airplay I can give.

I get to do all of this without restrictions and with minimal advertising because CFUV is a non-profit station, funded through student fees, government grants, and generous donations from our listeners. And each year in March we hold a fundraising week, called Fundrive, with the aim to raise money to go towards equipment purchases and upgrades that enable us to keep bringing you a better listening experience. Fundrive 2014 is happening in two weeks, from March 14th to 21st, and every show has a minimum donation amount to meet in order to raise our overall $25,000 goal.

Okay. What’s this got to do with me?
Particles and Waves has been tasked with raising $230 for Fundrive this year, and pre-pledges are now being accepted. You can donate as much or as little as you’d like, BUT donations of $25 or more entitle the donor to either a tax receipt or one of the many amazing gifts in the CFUV prize room! The station will have CDs, vinyl albums, T-shirts, posters, gift certificates to local restaurants, and a whole lot more. Plus, you get to help fund another year of Particles and Waves, with tons more musical guests and amazing track lists for as long as I can talk into a microphone.

…I’m poor. I can’t afford to donate $25.
I am too, reader. And honestly, even $5 or $10 will help–the price of just a few songs on iTunes, or a couple of lattes at Starbucks. So I’m going to sweeten the pig a little (Desertbus joke!): listeners who pre-pledge $10-$15 to my show–that is, donate before March 16th–will receive a customized mix CD from me. More money=more songs on the mix! If you live far away, I will mail it to you. Once you’ve donated, let me know and we’ll chat about the type of songs you like, or whether you just want me to surprise you, and I’ll make you an exclusive mix of stuff which includes songs that have never been played on Particles and Waves. And if you want to donate more and grab a gift (sadly only for Victoria locals), you can totally do that too!

Sounds intriguing. How do I donate?
It is SUPER easy to donate to Fundrive! Just go to the donate page on CFUV’s official site, click the link, and donate using UVic’s secure server. Leave the “Designation” section as “CFUV Fundrive” and–this is important–specify that you’re donating for Particles and Waves in the comments section. Once you’ve done that, get in contact with me either on twitter @MiaSteinberg or by emailing me at mia.steinberg22 [at] gmail [dot] com, to let me know that you’ve donated and potentially discuss getting a custom mix CD!

Thank you, in advance, for whatever you’re able to donate. If you’ve felt like you’ve discovered even one artist thanks to my show, consider throwing in a few bucks; it keeps the computers running and the microphones sounding sharp.

  1. Credit card only πŸ™

  2. Jondare says:

    Be aware that the postage might get mighty expensive on those CD’s, especially if some of us DB fans decide to chip in (i sure do). Just so the entire donation doesn’t end up being swallowed by postage

    • I suppose I could do things digitally and create a compressed file of some sort! I’d have to look into it. But thank you for pointing that out! πŸ™‚ I’m thrilled some of the DB fans are willing to spare some change for my little show.

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