May 10, 2016

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Track List – May 10

It’s been a long time.

This is not my permanent time slot; I’ll be doing fill-ins here and there most likely throughout the summer, and figuring out a schedule once I have some other things in life sorted. But I’m back, and I’m thrilled to be back, and this absolutely made my day. The podcast will be up shortly, at which point I’ll edit this post and link to it so that those who missed the live broadcast can listen later on!


Good for Grapes – Show Me the Ropes (The Ropes)

Wintersleep – The Spirit (The Great Detachment)

The Zolas – Get Dark (Swooner)

Everything Everything – No Reptiles (Get to Heaven)

M83 – Road Blaster (Junk)

The Dandy Warhols – Catcher in the Rye (Distortland)

Grimes – Kill V. Maim (Art Angels)

Rococode – A Diamond (Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon)

Mother Mother – To The Wild (The Sticks)

Toto – Goodbye Elenore (Turn Back)

Jordan Klassen – Light in the Evening (Javelin)

Vanessa Carlton – Unlock the Lock (Liberman)


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