Apr 18, 2015

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Track Listing – April 18th

Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (Best of Fleetwood Mac)

AC Newman – Prophets (Get Guilty)

Jeffery Straker – Summer Love (North Star Falling)

The Zolas – Molotov Girls (Molotov Girls)

Whitehorse – Fake Your Death and I’ll Fake Mine (Leave No Bridge Unburned)

Fleet Foxes – Bedouin Dress (Helplessness Blues)

Kathryn Calder – Blue Skies (Kathryn Calder)

Mike Edel – Julia (India, Seattle)

Sarah Burton – So Long (Make Your Own Bed)

Matt & Kim – World Is Ending (New Glow)

Go Betty Go – It Haunts You Now (Reboot)

Mother Mother – Reaper Man (Very Good Bad Thing)

Alex Winston – Sister Wife (King Con)

And the Kids – Devastation Celebration (Turn to Each Other)

Joel Plaskett and the Park Avenue Sobriety Test – When I Close My Eyes (Joel Plaskett and the Park Avenue Sobriety Test)

Joseph Bridge – Mr. Waterpump (Joseph Bridge)

Moon Duo – Wildling (Shadow of the Sun)

Guster – Barrel of a Gun (Lost and Gone Forever)

Street Joy – Long Time Ago (Street Joy)

Laura Marling – False Hope (Short Movies)

Death Cab for Cutie – No Room in Frame (Kintsugi)

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