Dec 14, 2014

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Track List – December 13

It’s my last show of the year! I’ll be away for the next two weeks but I’ve left the slot in very capable hands.

Sloan – So Far So Good (Commonwealth)

Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost (Welcome to the Night Sky)

Hey Rosetta! – Gold Teeth (Second Sight)

West My Friend – The Cat Lady Song (When the Ink Dries)

Stars – No Better Place (No One is Lost)

St. Vincent – Digital Witness (St. Vincent)

St. Vincent – I Prefer Your Love (St. Vincent)

Vikings – Open Up Your Eyes (Transmissions From UMFM 101.5)

Bastille feat HAIM – Bite Down (VS Other People’s Heartache)

Jeremy Fisher – Last Song (The Lemon Squeeze)

Josh Pyke – Warm in Winter (The Beginning and the End of Everything)

Good for Grapes – A Worthier Man (Man on the Page)

Cold War Kids – Hot Coals (Hold My Home)

Spoon – They Want My Soul (They Want My Soul)

Ages and Ages – The Weight Below (Divisionary)

The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers (Brill Bruisers)

Kishi Bashi – Q&A (Lighght)

You and Me – Capsized (Rose Ave)

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Dec 6, 2014

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Track List – December 6

Chersea won’t be on the Spotify playlist, but you can find her stuff HERE.


Hey Rosetta! – Soft Offering for the Oft Suffering (Second Sight)

Ryn Weaver – Octahate (Promises)

Chersea – I Could Lose it All (Grey Matter EP)

LP – Salvation (Forever For Now)

Meiko – Bad Things (Dear You)

Spoon River – The Parking Lots of the Swamp Museum (The New Sun Ahhhhhh Hotel)

The Well Pennies – Drive (Endings)

The Well Pennies – All the Pretty Girls (The Well Pennies EP)

Must Be Tuesday – Princess Charming (Cover Me I’m Going In)

Mother Mother – Reaper Man (A Very Good Bad Thing)

Stars – No One is Lost (No One is Lost)

Walk the Moon – Work This Body (Talking is Hard)

Portugal. The Man – You Carried Us [Share With Me the Sun] (In the Mountain In the Cloud)

Cold War Kids – First (Hold My Home)

Our Lady Peace – Angels/Losing/Sleep (Healthy in Paranoid Times)

Parade of Lights – Golden (Golden)

Ages and Ages – Our Demons (Divisionary)

Sloan – Cleopatra (Commonwealth)

Blood and Glass – Merry Go Round (Museum With No Walls)

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Nov 25, 2014

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Track List – November 22

I was so happy to have my good friend Dix on the show with me today! We just finished up the incredible Desert Bus for Hope charity drive, and raised over $635,000! Dix is a fabulous person and he often streams video games and Magic: the Gathering, so you can find him at

Track list under the cut!

Spoon – Knock Knock Knock (They Want My Soul)

Towers and Trees – Devil on the Highway (Broken Record EP)

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down (Hungry Ghosts)

Stars – No One is Lost (No One is Lost)

Cold War Kids – Hold My Home (Hold My Home)

Sloan – You’ve Got a Lot on Your Mind (Commonwealth)

Johnnyswim – You and I (Diamonds)

You and Me – Break the Cycle (Rose Ave)

Portugal. The Man – Holy Roller (Evil Friends)

St. Lucia – The Night Comes Again (When the Night)

Original Cast – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Spamalot!)

Colony House – Second Guessing Games (When I Was Younger)

Little Coyote – Body Parts (Blood and Bones)

Hey Rosetta! – Gold Teeth (Second Sight)

Mother Mother – Modern Love (A Very Good Bad Thing)

George Ezra – Budapest (Wanted on Voyage)

New Pornographers – You Tell Me Where (Brill Bruisers)

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Nov 15, 2014

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Track List – November 15

I was operating on a minimal amount of sleep today, about 4 hours! I’m volunteering as a blogger at Desert Bus for Hope and doing the overnight shift, so my schedule is all wonky. But I think I did a pretty good job today! Thanks so much to everyone who listened.

Track List under the cut!

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Nov 10, 2014

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Track List – November 8

I had a great time with this show! Hope you guys liked listening.

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Nov 6, 2014

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Track List – November 1

Better late than never! The Spotify playlist is embedded below, or you can find it on the app here: P&W November 1

King Charles – Lady Percy (Loveblood)
Birdy – Young Blood (Birdy)
Sloan – Carried Away (Commonwealth)
Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus (Evil Friends)
Spoon – Rent I Pay (They Want My Soul)
Serena Ryder – Stompa (Harmony)
The New Pornographers – Fantasy Fools (Brill Bruisers)
Wild Child – Crazy Bird (The Runaround)
Valery Gore – Amsterdam (Idols in the Dark Heart)
Stars – No Better Place (No One is Lost)
Freelance Whales – Generator^ 1st Floor
Lily Frost – Motherless Child (Motherless Child)
Cold War Kids – Hot Coals (Hold My Home)
Broods – Everytime (Evergreen)
Imogen Heap – Me the Machine (Sparks)
White Rabbits – Percussion Gun (It’s Frightening)
Caribou – Dive (Our Love)
Thieves – Falling (Falling single)
Baroness – Green Theme (Yellow & Green)

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Oct 25, 2014

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Track List – October 25

I was really proud of this show. I hope you guys enjoyed it! I plan to make classical music a semi-regular part of future broadcasts, so keep an ear out for that.

Carl Nielsen on The Sanguine:

I have tried to sketch a man who storms thoughtlessly forward in the belief that the whole world belongs to him, that fried pigeons will fly into his mouth without work or bother. There is, though, a moment in which something scares him, and he gasps all at once for breath in rough syncopations: but this is soon forgotten, and even if the music turns to minor, his cheery, rather superficial nature still asserts itself.”

Track list under the jump!

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