May 10, 2016

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Track List – May 10

It’s been a long time.

This is not my permanent time slot; I’ll be doing fill-ins here and there most likely throughout the summer, and figuring out a schedule once I have some other things in life sorted. But I’m back, and I’m thrilled to be back, and this absolutely made my day. The podcast will be up shortly, at which point I’ll edit this post and link to it so that those who missed the live broadcast can listen later on!


Good for Grapes – Show Me the Ropes (The Ropes)

Wintersleep – The Spirit (The Great Detachment)

The Zolas – Get Dark (Swooner)

Everything Everything – No Reptiles (Get to Heaven)

M83 – Road Blaster (Junk)

The Dandy Warhols – Catcher in the Rye (Distortland)

Grimes – Kill V. Maim (Art Angels)

Rococode – A Diamond (Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon)

Mother Mother – To The Wild (The Sticks)

Toto – Goodbye Elenore (Turn Back)

Jordan Klassen – Light in the Evening (Javelin)

Vanessa Carlton – Unlock the Lock (Liberman)


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Aug 22, 2015

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Onward To the Edge

Well. I guess that’s that.

I never ever thought I’d do radio; out of many, many different arts and performance mediums, it was never on my list, but it turns out that I really love it. The first time I ever went live on the air, in March(ish) 2012, I was absolutely terrified; my parents and my then-partner could hear the telltale tremble in my voice. When I first began, I wrote out full scripts detailing what I planned to say and timed each set down to the minute; over time I trained myself to improvise on mic and would plan things out on the fly. I finally pitched my own weekly program in late 2013, and I have loved nearly every show I’ve ever done. No matter what was going on in my life, I could virtually guarantee that I’d walk out of the radio station with a smile on my face. Once a week, I got to share my love of music with the public; it has been one of the most positive and enjoyable parts of my life for the past two years. I got to meet insanely talented musicians, see incredible live performances, and discover music from every genre. Today, we hit the pause button on Particles and Waves.

I hope this isn’t the end. I don’t think it’s the end. I may be moving on from Victoria, but UBC has a radio station too, and they know I’m coming as a student in September. I hope to sign on once again in the very near future and gush about music from old favourites and from new artists I haven’t met yet. Good for Grapes and The Zolas are both releasing new albums soon and I have to tell someone about it. I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on social media if anything develops.

So this isn’t the very end for Particles and Waves, just perhaps an extended hiatus. Nonetheless, I’ve learned so much and had so much fun these past few years, and I have a few people who helped me along the way.

Thank you to the staff of CFUV 101.9FM, who were so supportive and kind every single day.

Thanks to my parents and friends who listened in, and especially my dad who would text me his live commentary.

Thanks to Adrian Chalifour of Towers and Trees, the very first musical guest I ever interviewed.

Thanks to The Royal Oui, Allison Brown, Raine Hamilton, Lisa Joyce, Little Coyote, The Fast Romantics, The Written Years, Heard in the Mountains, Doug Hoyer, Chersea, Mikaela Ben Dori, The Auricle, For Esme, Jaron Chiciac, Ian Dixon, and West My Friend, for being amazing guests.

And thank you, listeners, for nearly 80 shows celebrating the sheer joy of music. It’s been a pleasure.


melodysheep – Ode to the Brain (Symphony of Science)

Darren Korb – Build That Wall [Zia’s Theme] (Bastion OST)

Towers and Trees – West Coast (West Coast LP)

Annie Sumi – Reflections of Me (Reflections)

Good for Grapes – A Worthier Man (Man on the Page)

West My Friend – The Cat Lady Song (When the Ink Dries)

Rayannah – Tivoli (Boxcar Lullabies)

The Weepies – Learning to Fly (Sirens)

The Strumbellas – Spirits (Spirits)

Kathryn Calder – Blue Skies (Kathryn Calder)

Winona Wilde – Pop & Chips for the Apocalypse (You Lose Some, You Lose Some)

Untrained Animals – Visitors (III)

Jeremy Fisher – I Love You…So? (The Lemon Squeeze)

Gospel Machine – Reunion Day (Your Holy Ghost)

The Zolas – Cold Moon (Ancient Mars)

Library Voices – Que Sera Sarah (Summer of Lust)

Paul Simon – The Obvious Child (Rhythm of the Saints)

The New Pornographers – You Tell Me Where (Brill Bruisers)

melodysheep – Onward to the Edge (Symphony of Science)

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Aug 15, 2015

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Track List – August 15

James Taylor – Something in the Way She Moves (Greatest Hits)

AC Newman – Drink to Me, Babe Then (The Slow Wonder)

Crystal Eyes – Here She Comes (No Man is an Island)

The Moffatts – California (Submodalities)

Hanson – This Time Around (This Time Around)

Semisonic – F.N.T. (The Great Divide)

The Zolas – Cadaverous Night (You’re Too Cool EP)

My Morning Jacket – I’m Amazed (Evil Urges)

Friend Friend – O Regina! (Post Party Depression)

Alan Menken – Santa Fe (Newsies)

Jets Overhead – Life’s a Song (Bridges)

Twin Bandit – Mary May (For You)

Laila Biali & the Radiance Project – Shadowlands (House of Many Rooms)

CHVRCHES – Never Ending Circles (Never Ending Circles)

On and On – Icon Love (And the Wave Has Two Sides)

SC Mira – Move Fast (Waiting Room Baby)

Sam Cooke – Another Saturday Night (Portrait of a Legend)

Joni Mitchell – Stormy Weather (Both Sides Now)

Marching Band – For Your Love (Spark Large)

Busty & the Bass – The Real (Glam)

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Aug 8, 2015

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Track List – August 8

The Muttering Retreats – The Capitalist and the Communist Vie For Our Hero’s Affections (The Muttering Retreats)

The Mountain Goats – Thank You Mario But Our Princess is in Another Castle (Black Pear Tree EP)

Midday Swim – Back To You (Midday Swim)

Untrained Animals – Visitors (III)

Les Jupes – Something’s Happening (Some Kind of Family)

Seoul – White Morning (I Become a Shade)

Semisonic – Chemistry (All About Chemistry)

The Strumbellas – Home Sweet Home (We Still Move On Dance Floors)

Laila Biali & the Radiance Project – Love (House of Many Rooms)

Winona Wilde – Pop & Chips for the Apocalypse (You Lose Some, You Lose Some)

La Roux – Fascination (La Roux)

Andreya Triana – Gold (Giants)

Shiny Toy Guns – Puttin’ on the Ritz (We Are Pilots)

Magnetic Fields – California Girls (Distortion)

Todd Stewart – Heart & Kind (Northern Beauties)

Jonas Alaska – Summer (Younger)

Vanessa Carlton – Get Good (Rabbits on the Run)

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun (It’s Frightening)

Isobel Trigger – Dust & Bone (Nocturnal EP)

Noah & the Whale – Lifetime (Heart of Nowhere)

Corinna Rose – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (The Wharf)

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Aug 1, 2015

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Track List – August 1

West My Friend – Missing You (When the Ink Dries)

Gold Motel – Stealing the Moonlight (Summer House)

The Good Lovelies – Waiting For You (Burn the Plan)

Laila Biali & the Radiance Project – Shadowlands (House of Many Rooms)

Chantrelles – Ain’t Nobody Home (Ain’t Nobody Home Single)

The Smittens – Half My Heart Beats (The Coolest Thing About Love)

Original Cast – Wig In a Box (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)

Gwenno – Chwyldro (Y Dydd Olaf)

Ariane Moffatt – De Mort a Vivant (22h22)

Kids on TV – We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off (Mixing Business With Pleasure)

A Tribe Called Red – Suplex (Suplex)

The Belle Game – Blame Fiction (Ritual Tradition Habit)

Busty & the Bass – The Real (Glam)

Cayucas – Hella (Dancing at the Blue Lagoon)

Telekinesis! – This Time Tomorrow (I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson)

Hawk & Steel – Why Did You Go? (Anywhere But Here)

Valentinos – Lookin’ For a Love (Do It Right)

Stars – A Song is a Weapon (The North)

Jon Brion – Strings That Tie to You (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Death By Robot – American’t (The Limbic System)

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Jul 25, 2015

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Track List – July 25 (MEGASHOW)

Whew! So much music today.

Ben Folds – Landed (Songs for Silverman)

Sloan – Carried Away (Commonwealth)

Library Voices – Drinking Games (Denim on Denim)

Treble Charger – Don’t Believe it All (Detox)

The Penske File – Damned (Burn into the Earth)

Mother Mother – Happy (The Sticks)

Madeon – Pay No Mind (Lithograph)

Ratatat – Cream on Chrome (Magnifique)

The Chemical Brothers – Under Neon Lights (Born in the Echoes)

Memoir – Take Me Home (Fire in Me)

Dark Dark Dark – Wild Goose Chase (Bright Bright Bright)

Dave Monks – Gasoline (All Signs Point to Yes)

Twin Bandit – Mary May (For You)

Red Haven – Caught Up (Vilified)

Bellehouse – Back to Life (Bellehouse)

Estelle – Stronger Than You (Steven Universe)

Ben Gibbard & Feist – The Train Song (Dark Was the Night)

The Magnetic Fields – I Thought I Was Your Boyfriend (i)

Jen Titus – O Death (Supernatural OST)

Metric – On A Slow Night (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?)

Dragonette – I Get Around (Galore)

Chersea – Grey Matter (Grey Matter EP)

Kathryn Calder – Blue Skies (Kathryn Calder)

Rayannah – Tivoli (Boxcar Lullabies)

The Young Novelists – Always Make the Mistake (Made Us Strangers)

Good for Grapes – Ten Years in the Park (Good for Grapes EP)

Romi Mayes – Devil on Both Shoulders (Devil on Both Shoulders)

Raine Hamilton – Lay Me Down (Past Your Past)

Bastille – Sleepsong (Overjoyed EP)

The Zolas – Cadaverous Night (You’re Too Cool EP)

Powder Blue – Lead Me Tonight (Powder Blue II)

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