Mar 20, 2014

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Announcing: 3 Songs Series

So this space has been used mostly for my track lists so far, because despite being a professional blogger for two years I’m kinda atrocious at maintaining my own projects. But all that’s about to change, because I’ve been toiling around behind the scenes for a few weeks preparing a new series that will come out every Tuesday and Thursday. Rather than trying to review whole albums, which can take a long time (and which I do over at Media Snobs anyway), this series will focus on a simple idea that will carry the spirit of Particles and Waves through the rest of the week–the idea of discovering new things you didn’t know existed, and putting things together that are a little off the beaten track. Every post will be about three songs–no more, no less–interconnected by a rough theme; I’ll review them each and link to a Youtube video or Soundcloud file so that you can listen to them too. I have artist and album focuses, but I also have groupings that are more esoteric in nature.

The rules are just as simple as that. Three songs, briefly reviewed, and no repeats; if I’ve reviewed something for one post it can’t go into another, even if it may fit. People may not have time to listen to an entire new album, but three songs aren’t a big deal, I figure.

So I’m going to kick off the series on Tuesday with an exploration of three songs that are the only thing I love by their respective artists. Watch this space, and let me know what you think here or on Twitter using the #PW3songs hashtag.

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