Feb 21, 2015

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Track List – February 21

It’s sunny and spring-like here in Victoria, so I had a bunch of tracks that make me smile. Hope they did the same for you. 🙂

Ash and Bloom – Heaven is a Ghost Town (Ash and Bloom)

Noah and the Whale – Heart of Nowhere (Heart of Nowhere)

AC Newman – The Cloud Prayer (The Slow Wonder)

Fortunate Ones – Lay Me Down (The Bliss)

Shred Kelly – Stuck Between (Sing to the Night)

Belle and Sebastian – Enter Sylvia Plath (Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance)

M83 – Skin of the Night (Saturdays = Youth)

Passion Pit – Take a Walk (Gossamer)

Panda Bear – Sequential Circuits (Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper)

Thieves – Falling (Falling)

Alana Yorke – Tonight (Dream Magic)

Hey Rosetta! – Soft Offering for the Oft Suffering (Second Sight)

Aqualung – Nothing Else Matters (Words and Music)

The Unicorns – I Was Born a Unicorn (Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?)

Paul Simon – Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War (Paul Simon Anthology)

Florence + the Machine – Swimming (Lungs)

Chersea – Requiem (Grey Matter EP)

The Story Of – After Just a While (The World’s Affair)

Savvie – Gravity (Night Eyes)

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