Jan 13, 2014

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Track List – January 11 (featuring Heard in the Mountains!)

I had the immense, immense pleasure of interviewing all five members of the very talented Vancouver band Heard in the Mountains this week. We hung out, listened to their new EP, and talked about everything from the dreaminess of Stephen Merritt to the frigidness of the Fraser River. It was a fantastic show, and a whole lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see them again.

Check out Heard in the Mountains at their Bandcamp page here: http://heardinthemountains.bandcamp.com/

And now, on to the music:

The National – England (High Violet)
Heard in the Mountains – Sills (Will to Well)
Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You (i)
We Are the City – Mourning Song (Mourning Song)
Heard in the Mountains – Raccoon Hands (Will to Well)
Heard in the Mountains – Major Change (Will to Well)
Death Grips – Come Up and Get Me (No Love Deep Web)
Harrison Kennedy – Chairman of the Board (Soulscape)
Devil Makes Three – Mr Midnight (I’m a Stranger Here)
Heard in the Mountains – In the Meadow (Will to Well)
Good for Grapes – Eskimos (Man on the Page)
Noah and the Whale – Still After All These Years (Heart of Nowhere)
Rob Zombie – Blitzkrieg Bop (We’re a Happy Family)
Ray Lamontagne – You Can Bring Me Flowers (Till the Sun Turns Black)
Bob Dylan and the Band – Like a Rolling Stone (Live at the Academy of Music 1971)

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