Mar 8, 2015

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Track List – March 7th

I was happily joined by Mikaela Ben Dori, who runs MusiMapp. We chatted about how pop music trends follow and can predict shifts in politics, culture, and even business! Find out more about her at


The Dandy Warhols – Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Come On Feel the Dandy Warhols)

Echo Nebraska – Hey Allison (Send the Ships)

Towers and Trees – West Coast (West Coast single)

Whitehorse – Fake Your Death and I’ll Fake Mine (Leave No Bridge Unburned)

Other Lives – E Minor (Other Lives)

Cairo – A History of Reasons (A History of Reasons)

AC Newman – The Cloud Prayer (The Slow Wonder)

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun (It’s Frightening)

Purity Ring – Flood on the Floor (Another Eternity)

Seinabo Sey – Hard Time (For Madeline)

The Golden Dogs – Do It For You (3 1/2)

Library Voices – The Prime Minister’s Daughter (Summer of Lust)

Fortunate Ones – Someday Love (The Bliss)

Aimee Mann – Save me (Magnolia)

Del Bel – In My Solitude (Del Bel)

Hey Rosetta – Gold Teeth (Second Sight)

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