Oct 12, 2013

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Track List – October 12 (The Big Debut!)

AHHH! I am so thrilled to have pulled this puppy off. The debut went great; I had a ton of fun and I know there were at least a few listeners out there. I also recorded the show, and I’ll put it up here if I can so those who missed it can listen.

Regardless, here’s the track list. The format is Artist – Song (Album)

Towers and Trees – Devil on the Highway (Broken Record EP)
Jordan Klassen – Balcony (Repentance)
Hannah Georges – Fantasize (Hannah Georges)
The Colourist – Little Games (Little Games)
The Naked and Famous – Rolling Waves (In Rolling Waves)
Glass Pear – Say It Once (Sweet America)
Phil Motion & the Easy Lo-Fi – Time Bomb (Time Bomb EP)
Data Romance – Waiting Place (Other)
Janelle Monae – Dance Apocalyptic (The Electric Lady)
Neko Case – Man (The Worse Things Get…)
Gold Motel – Safe in L.A. (Summer House)
Man Made Lake – Horsefly (Zinc)
Chris Ho – Doesn’t Make Sense (City of Dust)
Owen – Vivid Dreams (L’Ami du Peuple)
AfterMidnight – Scales (Where Two Become One)
The Zolas – Cultured Man (Ancient Mars)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Young Presidents (Fly By Wire)

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